This page is for updates about the books I am publishing on Kindle and for other ongoing developments.

Cyprus: Land of Miracles now as eBook! Click here for Kindle version and here for iBook version

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The Hunt for the Hassamboulia and the Gypsy Model available on Kindle and in print from this blog – see books.


Walking yesterday with friends in Limassol Forest, which is not so different from in the days of the Hassamboulia, We looked across at the abandoned village of Mathikoloni and, I remembered that, beyond the skyline, one of the Hassamboulias’ most callous murders took place just a few kilometers away on the road to Fasoula. This was well out of their usual territory, and they ran unto trouble on their way back to home ground, in the form a of a gang of burly Greeks. They had to resort to gunplay to extricate themselves


William “call me Bill” Macfarlane (Face Book)
Gratifying to see that Obama, is promoting my next publication with b his visit to Stonehenge. It’s a collection of ghost stories called Resonating Stones. It’s already available in printed form (see Published books) and we’re working on getting it ready for Kindle.

Resonating Stones by Bill Macfarlane. Now available on Kindle (2.99) and in print from this blog – see books.

The narrator, art critic for a Cypriot magazine, interviews an Irish sculptress who expresses the power of stone to store and re-transmit resonances of emotionally charged events. He sneers at this but, at the ensuing exhibition of the woman’s work, he and his partner experience unsettling effects. Soon after he is plunged into a serial nightmare about sinister events in his own past that he is obliged to record in the form of stories that become progressively more disturbing. These stories are linked by a thread that tells of growing obsession, and of a paranoia that threatens his sanity, and the safety of his partner. Originally published in paper back in 2000, Resonating Stones now appears under a new cover designed by Ngaio Macfarlane.

Resonating Stones thus becomes a collection of ghost stories, that mines the rich vein of Cyprus history and folk-lore. Places, such as the Venetian Bridges, the Royal Oak and the Brengaria at Prodromos exist, but the events are invention. Old Churches, caves dating back to antiquity and especially the mysterious Tripimenes Petres (pierced monoliths) are authentic. You can experience the tangibility of their ‘presence’ in the Cyprus countryside.


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