DSC03135A happy symbiosis of animals seems to exist at Agios Thomas on the road to Plataniskaya. The cockerel thinks he is in charge, but the turkeys look down their noses at him, and the rabbits and guinea fowl are too busy stuffing their faces in what must seem like a luxury resort in the sun; free range, all they can eat and drink, All in a rock garden too  – if this isn’t living….

But, paradise comes at a price, and maybe the cockerel has something to crow about. After all, he is the least likely of all of them to finish up on the dinner table. (Although coq au vin…) Besides he has the freedom of the chicken-run.   There was no evidence, though, that his erotic impulses lean toward the turkeys, the Guinea fowl or the rabbits.

DSC03128As for the Basset Hound and the goat, I don’t think they need to lose any sleep over him: his passions, though frequent, seem to be short-lived. Wham, bam, Thank you maam!
Elsewhere on the island, but not in this enclosure, the occasional ostrich has been seen*, and in Germasogeia valley, a quartet of beautiful spotted deer mingles with the poultry. Is this a new brand of humane husbandry? In the allotment adjacent to my house, rabbits disport themselves with various fowl and recently a couple of robust looking lambs have made their appearance.
*Mistaken on one occasion, in the distance, for a tree: until it lifted its head and moved off to more tempting pasture.