When Man/God created God/Man in his own image wasn’t it a case of galactic Megalomania?

See also posted musings.

6 Responses to “Musings”

  1. why don’t you put some of the short stories in resonating stones – like “The Old Turk”? wud b gud 😉

    1. kirkbybill Says:

      Will do, but busy with the gypsy and my resurrected competition entries at pres.
      Love the combination of your art and Ngaio’s on ‘between-you-and-me.’

      1. thanks – it is beginning to take shape but lots to do. more later hxxx

  2. don<#t forget to put up details of how to purchase new book! At present The Gypsy Model is in Kyriakou’s bookshop in Limassol at 15 Euros. It is also in Limassol Library. Next week it will be in the main Nicosia Bookshops and in some shops in N Cyprus. A Aim to find out how to get it onto Amazon, but suspect that will be beyond my IT. In the meantime, a presentation is in prospect at the Five Fingers Restaurant in Ozankoy (near Kyrenia) and other presentations are planned leading up to the main Presentation at Easter. At this the book will be offered at a discounted price and deals will be on ogffer for my other books.

  3. which reminds me I should update my blog 😉

  4. kirkbybill Says:

    Re Feb14 posting, The Gypsy is now in all the main bookshops

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