Yes, the Gypsy Model now exists as an e-book and can be downloaded on Kindle. The pictures have come out well, but there are still glitches in detail and formatting that need twitching. A couple of bits of text have managed to ‘migrate’ and some of the italicized quotes have appeared as normal type. Overall, I’m pleased with the general effect, but would be grateful for comments  on:

Reading it again I think it’s a bit like the parson’s egg – not (at) (all) bad. I feel moved to publish a paragraph about it from time to time. The first is already on face book, but, in case you missed it there…


There’s no truth in the suggestion that I write ‘soft porn. I don’t even own a pornograph. You can search my house if you like.

However, I do sometimes wonder if some of my purple passages might qualify me for the annual literary Bad Sex Award. There are a few scenes in the Gypsy Model that I wonder about, and I did get a commendation in the Maroni Parish News as ‘perhaps going a bit too far.’ This must be worth something, but I fear my vanilla prose would pale  into even more pallid insignificance, against the excesses of former winners and nominees. In any case, I was constantly aware of trying to avoid twitching the sensibilities of Robert Buchanan who took great exception to the writings of Gabriel Rossetti and others of the ‘Fleshly School of Poetry’. Invention in the Bad Sex field is unbridled. The Winners list in Wikipedia, will surprise you. Unfortunate past runners-up include both Amises and, I seem to recall, Philip Roth.

It would be an honour to be up there with Tony Blair, who was in the running in 2013. Of course his work was not of a sufficient calibre to win. It must be said, however, that the concept of steamy encounters with Cherie, must rank high in the realms of invention if not fantasy.

How does one get nominated? I wonder.