My latest book, The Gypsy model, is a piece of faction based on 19C painter Frederick Sandys and his Gypsy Model Keomi Gray. See also Gypsy Model becomes an e-Book

Keomi Gray as Judith

Family myth has it that Keomi was a relation of my great grandmother Coralina Gray.

After more than two years of research and writing, quite a labour of love, this is now doing the rounds in search of a publisher in the UK. Have had one request to see the full text and am waiting with bated breath for the outcome of that. A positive response but, on examination, the contract had its shortcomings. So back to the drawing board.

The Dorian Literary Agency made encouraging comment, but said they could not see how they would target the market. I know it doesn’t fit comfortably into any particular genre and felt that this was fair comment.

The text is now as complete as it is going to be, and pressure of mounting years makes me consider publishing in Cyprus under my own Gitano Logo.

It will be 

illustrated with black and white pictograms like the one above of Kiomi as Judith.

This is becoming an exciting family project with Fiona (grand daughter) and Ngaio (daughter) doing art and computer work. Whether readers agree with me that the text is pretty good or not, is in the hands of the gods, but I’m confident it’s going to be a handsome publication. I don’t expect to make a fortune, but, as with my other books, expect to sell the bulk of the first issue of 500 copies. Like the Hunt for the Hassamboulia, this will be printed by Aristos Philis of Limassol. Watch this space.

Artemis by Fiona Macfarlane


Flier pre-publication of the Gypsy Model

What happens when an artist in search of a muse, picks up a beautiful young Gypsy girl at a Norfolk fair? Intrigued by her potential will he play Pygmalion moulding her into his own thing? No, Fred Sands has bitten off more than he can chew here. The girl has a mind of her own and Fred is prey, not only to her Romni wiles, but also to the unquiet fantasies that invade his thoughts during the long hours he spends painting her. He shows her in many guises, but the single strand running through his work is his growing obsession with the seductive enchantresses of legend and myth. Kiomi Gray plays the roles he dreams up for her too well, and he becomes hopelessly entangled in the spells she weaves.

Fred makes matters worse when he takes up again with the actress who is to remain with him for the rest of his life. Now he has two formidable women on his hands and his life spirals* out of control. Has the gypsy model become an avenging angel of his own creation? The Romany curse, that was uttered at that dinner party cannot, after all, be unsaid.

* I know, I know – cliche!

Jan. 16 2011 Three proof readings now completed and the cover approved, the buk is on the printing presses and I expect to have copies by early February.

I now have the first copies in my possession. At present they are in Kyriakou’s bookshop in Limassol at 15 Euros. It is also in Limassol Library. Next week it will be in the main Nicosia Bookshops and in some shops in N Cyprus. I Aim to find out how to get it onto Amazon, but suspect that will be beyond my IT. In the meantime, a presentation is in prospect at the Five Fingers Restaurant in Ozankoy (near Kyrenia) and other presentations are planned leading up to the main Presentation at Easter. At this and other presentations, the book will be offered at a discounted price and deals will be on offer for my other books.

Now in all the main bookshops including Cessac on the Brit Bases and Paphos.

The Ozankou event was a sort of dress rehearsal and provided the opportunity to asses the patter. Next outing will be to address the Limassol International Ladies early March. Then late March, the Paphos Writers and later in the summer the Ibsen Book Club. Toying with the idea of presentations in UK, if I can transport the books economically enough.

Press coverage in English language newspapers north and south of the Green Line, and have also done a good interview for Rosie Charalambous on radio.

25 March got a good write up in the Cyprus Weekly today (See separate post). Just at the right time — I’m due to talk to Pafos writers next week and will shortly be putting out invitations to the main launch on Apl 19th.