Shortlisted by Sling Ink, but didn’t make the prizes. Better luck next time.

‘Andrew, someone’s broken in!’

Andrew thinks Clint: Eastwood cool, he creaks out of bed.

‘Andrew! The gun!’

‘Gun?’ Ah yes, the revolver.

‘Do be careful, dear.’

‘Lock the door;’ through gritted teeth.

Elizabeth’s confidence surges. Andrew has such courage.


‘Freeze!’ The tattooed intruder bristles menace.

‘Elizabeth my dear, I think we require the Constabulary.’

The man gathers himself. ‘Clint’ jerks up the revolver.

‘Make my day punk!’


‘You did well, sir. He can be violent… Er, you are aware sir, that the safety catch is on.’

‘That so?  Belonged to my father – brave man – decorated in his war. Wouldn’t know how to use it. Medic myself.  Rather save lives than take ‘em, eh?’ The Eastwood eyes narrow …

‘Is he all right?’

124 words including title. Now published in Slingink Anticlockwise.

‘Ghost’s can’t Hurt us’ fared worse in the BFS competition, failing to get into the final five. Ain’t the end of the world, but it does irk me that competition judges have such poor taste. Will try it elsewhere.

Worse to follow: ‘sorrehs’ dribble in from Global, Frome and Segora. Not discouraged, because I wouldn’t have picked any of the winning stories mnyself. Matter of taste, but it might help with future targetting.