My latest book, The Gypsy model, is a piece of faction based on 19C painter Frederick Sandys and his Gypsy Model Keomi Gray.

The Gypsy Model is now available on Kindle at 2.99 Stg. Also available in print through my books section in this blog.


Keomi Gray as Judith

Family myth has it that Keomi was a relation of my great grandmother Coralina Gray.

Just noticed that Jane Burden gets a mention opposite as one of the ‘stunners’. Here’s a short passage from The Gypsy Model: ‘The tall lady with the long neck and striking eyes (hm, so the paintings don’t lie) must be Jane Morris. She and Rossetti are studiously avoiding each other, but, from time to time they exchange lingering glances across the room. Not, I suppose conventionally beautiful, she is an imposing woman, strikingly intense. Touch of deep brooding class there, in spite of her humble origins. Now she is in the process of becoming Gabriel’s muse, model and (lover?)

When William Morris fell for Miss Jane Burden his family couldn’t find it in themselves to welcome the daughter of a stable hand into their midst. To this day the ladies who talk you round Kelmscote Manor find it hard to give her their approval. That whisper of an affair with Rossetti puts her beyond the pale for the acolytes of Arts and Crafts.

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